Which service we offer?

   Field of work that we do in psychotherapy are all neurotic disorders (panic, anxiety, derealization, depersonalization, depression , social phobias, internet addiction, sexual dysfunction, etc. ) Personality disorders (histrionic , avoidant , antisocial, borderline , etc.) and life problems and big life crises (like traumas, loss of loved ones, divorce etc.  depresija, socijalna fobija, zavisnost od interneta, seksulana  disfunkcija, itd.), poremećaji ličnosti (histrionični, izbegavajući, antisocijalni, borderline, itd.) i životni problemi ili velike životne krize (poput traumatskih događaja, gubitak voljenih osoba, razvoda, itd.).

   For grownups and adolescents we have individual, group and partners therapy and psychological consultations depending on the needs of the client. 

   Psychotherapeutic work with kids is done in specially equipped rooms for game therapy. We work with kids with developmental problems (disharmonic development, pervasive disorder, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, etc), those who have neurotic problems (fears, coercive behaviors (?), adaptation disorders, attention disorder and hyperactivity. etc) and also those who are going through crisis or have trauma as an experience( death or illness of a close person, abuse, divorce, starting kindergarten or school, a birth of a brother or a sister…) We work with children individually, but it can include whole family or mother and a child, or father and a child.

   Beside this we do consultation and support of parents in changing the behavior of the child.

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Respected clients, with a click on the button, with short registration you can ask questions to any topic which is in connection with psychotherapy. The topics are divided by categories of the most common psychological problems. Administrators are psychologists and psychotherapists with experience, which will in the shortest possible time period respond diligently to your question. na bilo koju temu koja je vezana za psihoterapiju. Teme su podeljene po kategorijama najčešćih psiholoskih poroblema. Administratori su iskusni psihoterapeuti i psiholozi koji će u najkraćem mogućem roku (u većini slučajeva u roku od 5 do 60 min.) odgovoriti što preciznije na Vaše pitanje.

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The space of psychotherapist cabinet agora

   ‘Agora a psychotherapist cabinet in Nish is spread in 120m2 and is created so that it can offer to its clients a modern psychotherapeutic surroundings in the highest worldly standards, and also we have experienced psychotherapists and psychiatrist that will give their support , help and curing trough verified psychotherapist methods and contemporary ways of communication and conduction of healing; Our services are available during established working hours from 9 to 17h, and if the clients need outside working hours 24h per day 7 days per week.



The price of the therapy service depends on working hours, and type of therapy service. Generally the price of one session during working hours is 2500din (25e) with therapist that are on supervision and 3000 din (30e) with licensed therapist

   We encourage you to contact us for a free informative conversation so we can see from which type of therapy you would benefit the most, and would be the most useful for you.

*For detailed prices of available services look at pricelist.


25 euro

50 min.

Average price of the online psychotherapy session 

Psycho test for adults

60 euro

120-180 min.


On our blog you can read authorial texts of our experienced psychotherapists, which will process titles and psychological problems for which they are the most competent. The goal of blog texts will be education, adequate and correct information about the process of healing, mechanisms of occurrence psychological disorders and life problems, the art of living, life crisis and many other titles closely connected to psychology and psychotherapy 

Also we encourage you to actively ask questions, problems and doubts under the texts, which can involve any subject. The questions you can post on the bottom of the page and it doesn’t have to correspond with the subject of the text.
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